Planning for your future in farming

We work with you and your family to look at your current situation and we use this information to help you determine the various options available so that you can make informed and conscious decisions for your future.

Accessing Government assistance

We’re up to date with the latest government packages and schemes and understand the eligibility criteria, application process and requirements. We can work with you to determine if you are eligible and if so, how you go about accessing this funding.

Help in identifying your financial position

All of our counsellors are specialists in reviewing and analysing financial information. Working together we can help you to understand your current financial situation.

Cash flows, budgeting and forecasting

We’re trained and highly skilled in this area. Once we’ve completed an analysis of your business, our counsellors can help to build cash flows, forecasts and budgets so you can determine what lies ahead and make decisions based on valid information.

Developing bank relationships

We know how the banks work, we know what they need and want from farmers and we know how to talk to them. We’ll determine the best direction for you with your bank and we’ll stand by your side throughout this process, providing support and direction to ensure communication is open and processes smooth.

Reviewing your loans

Often one of the first things we can do to help is to review your loans. By comparing different financial options you can often make significant savings. Refinancing and comparing different bank offers can be difficult but we can help as this is part of our core business.

Help with refinancing your debt

If you decide to refinance, we can help you through the process. We know what is required by the banks and how to go about providing a winning submission.

Farm debt mediation

This is a difficult process and it is important to know that you have support and that you understand the process. Many of our counsellors have extensive skills in farm debt mediation and we also allocate the skills of two of our counselling staff to each case.

Family and farm decision making

We help you as a family make decisions by ensuring that you have access to the most relevant and accurate information. Having the right financial analysis, budgets and forecasts means everyone is informed and often this makes decision making easier.

Access to other services

As a referral service, we have an extensive network of relevant contacts. We know who to put you in touch with and who is best placed to provide assistance for your individual situation. We’ll provide an introductory service and support you as you work with other service providers.

Succession Planning

Development of a Succession Plan may appear to be a complex matter, but we can assist with the initial steps and family discussions to help you prepare the required paperwork for finalisation with your preferred professional.