Our Organisation

The Rural Financial Counselling Service, NSW – Southern Region has its Head Office in Cooma and has 12 regional offices from the Victorian border up to Hillston in the north and from Wentworth in the west right through to the east coast of NSW.

The organisation, in its current structure, was formed in 2007 following the consolidation of services under community umbrellas. The Rural Financial Counselling Service is funded as part of the Australian Government’s commitment to rural Australia through the Department of Agriculture and Water Resounces.

Annual Report

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Management team and Board

The head office for the Southern Region is located in Cooma, where the regional team work. The Executive Officer, David Galloway, is based in Wagga Wagga but visits the Head Office routinely. The management team reports to a board of directors, which consists of seven members from across the region who bring a variety of skills, knowledge and experience to the organisation.

The board is reviewed and re-elected on an triennial basis. Its role is to oversee the management, strategic direction, corporate governance and budgeting of the organisation, and to see that funding is appropriately applied.

The current board has a long-term commitment to the organisation and is geographically spread throughout the service region. This ensures that all areas are well represented. The operation of the board is effective and efficient and all of the members are committed to the future of farming families and rural communities.

Board members