Steve Jarick

Counsellor - Huskisson

M: 0418 606 382
Address: 11 Berry St HUSKISSON NSW 2540

I was raised on a farm and have experienced first-hand the factors that can lead to financial hardship – factors such as unfavourable swings in weather conditions and commodity prices, and production difficulties.
I am keen to assist rural people on the South Coast by applying my extensive financial and business analytical skills and experience. I welcome the opportunity to come up with options to take your business and financial circumstances forward.
I conduct my work in a professional, independent, confidential and understanding way

With his broad experience, Steve is well equipped to assist clients. He has well rounded business and life skills and appropriate qualifications. He is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and has a Commerce Degree. He has specialised in financial and business analysis. He has good experience in dealing with businesses experiencing financial difficulties, especially in primary production, forestry and fishing industries.

Steve worked for a lending institution/business development organisation for 12 years. A key part of his role was to work closely with rural clients, to assist them to be financially viable and to grow their enterprises. He has also assisted many business clients successfully apply for State and Federal government funding under specified grant and concessional loans schemes.

Steve is well versed in being the interface between a client and the client’s banker, accountant or other professional adviser. He understands what a client’s adviser is looking for and can therefore assist his client provide the appropriate information. He has prepared numerous cash flows, budgets and forecasts, and completed many other financial assignments.