Graham Christie

Counsellor - Coleambally

P: 02 6954 4179 M: 0438 444 540
Address: 39 Brolga Place Coleambally NSW 2707

‘The last 10 years have been difficult to manage for most farm managers with low rainfall and water allocations with a challenging economic and political environment. In preparing for the next 10 years all business managers need to plan for the next drought by using their experience of the recent past to determine their strategies for the future. A changing global economy will present great opportunities for food producers and we have to prepare our businesses to capture the rewards against very strong international competitors.’

Graham has a balanced understanding of agriculture at all levels – as a former lecturer on farm management at the University of Melbourne and with hands on experience running mixed, irrigation and livestock farms in western Victoria and the Riverina.

He relates well to farmers, he knows what it is like dealing with the day-to-day issues of managing changing water allocations and watching the political issues unfold.

Graham knows the importance of financial analysis, budgeting and planning, and he delivers these services to farming families to help them identify the best path for their future.