Graeme Witte

Counsellor - Wentworth

P: 03 5057 3175 M: 0447 283 688
Address: 42 Darling St Wentworth NSW 2648

First and foremost your farm is a business and if it isn’t paying the bills then I may be able to help you get back on track

Graeme was born in Wentworth and raised on a dried fruit and citrus property in nearby Pomona. Following the sale of that property in the late 1970’s his father managed a variety of agricultural properties ranging from Potatoes near Warrnambool, Tomatoes at Nyah, wheat and sheep near Manangatang and Fresh fruit grapes at Monak. During this time Graeme was always involved in the hands on operations of farming. Over his time he has picked grapes, citrus and avocadoes, driven harvesters, tractors and forklifts and shorn the occasional sheep.

Starting a career in Banking in 1986 with the ANZ Bank Graeme has worked only in rural communities and for the past fifteen years has been consistently involved in dealing with the farming sector. In particular his tenure managing the Wentworth Community Bank between 1999 and 2005 saw him dealing predominately with farmers from Wentworth to Balranald to Pooncarie and all points between. He worked with farmers involved in dried fruit, winery, orchards, market gardens, sheep and cattle, wheat, asparagus, almonds, aquaculture and a myriad of other ventures. During this period the region experienced intense drought and declining commodity prices which was challenging to say the least. During this period Graeme working in conjunction with the rural councillor of the time when appropriate assisting clients with debt consolidation, carry on finance, cash flows and unfortunately farm exist strategies.

Thirty years in the banking sector has given Graeme a wealth of insights into the banking systems and processes which will assist him in reviewing and advising farmers current banking structures. Being a local who has worked and played sport in the local area for the majority of his life Graeme has a deep affinity for the region and loves all that it has to offer. Graeme has gained tertiary qualifications in Banking and Management and is working towards his Diploma of Counselling.